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Date Posted: June 15, 2022

The Best Dog Door for a Big Dog

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Is there a dog door for a big dog? Yes! For too long there has been a misconception that dog doors are only for small breeds and/or cats. It is often thought that big dogs like Mastiffs and Great Danes could not have one. People usually think this because they don’t think there is doggie door that is big enough. Or they think that since the opening has to be so big, it compromises the safety of the home.

This article sets out to disprove this misunderstanding and outline the most essential features you need for your big dog door. Large dogs deserve the same independence and outdoor access as any other, and the right pet door company knows how to build for them.

Give Your Big Dog Room to Grow

Sizing is the biggest consideration in selecting a big dog door for your growing pup. Keep in mind that the largest breeds take the longest time to reach their full weight and height as you search for the perfect-sized access door. Giant dog breeds like the Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, and Mastiffs can take 18-24 months to reach their final size. According to the American Kennel Club, even large dogs, from 51 to 100 pounds, are only 95% done growing by 15 months

So even if Fido seems to have grown into his paws, take the slower growth rate of big breeds into account. You want a dog door that will work for your dog for its entire lifetime. Hale Pet Door has sizes all the way up to “Extra Tall Large” and “Giant”. Is your fur baby exceptionally wide or tall? That’s okay too. Customization is always a possibility to ensure the door is perfectly fitted to their measurements.

Make Sure You Have Confidence in its Construction

A dog door for a big dog should not have climate control concerns. Here we see a big dog door with double flaps to insulate the hole when your pup is not using it.

Dog doors are meant to give mutual freedom to you and your pet. Your dog is no longer dependent on you for every bathroom run, and you can have peace of mind while at work or out and about. To ensure complete peace of mind you will want a well-constructed, tried, and tested dog door manufacturer. 

One of the most common concerns is climate control. The best dog doors have design elements to insulate and prevent air leakage at any size.  

A big dog door should not have climate and security issues. Just because your dog needs a bigger opening, that doesn’t mean that more air-conditioned or heated air is going to escape. At Hale Pet Door, the door flaps are high-quality PVC vinyl bordered by weatherstripping. Most models use up to two flaps that close against the frame with strikes and magnets on three sides for improved insulation. In the bigger sizes, there are additional magnets to ensure they are fully self-sealing. This design balances convenience for your dog with energy efficiency.

What About the Security of a Dog Door for a Big Dog?

You want a company that takes your security concerns seriously. Unlike models that are available at the big box stores, security covers are standard on all Hale dog door models except the screen model. (If you think about it, the screen itself can be cut and breached so there is no security cover on the pet door.) For all other models, there are ¼-inch thick polyethylene security covers used to close off and lock the door, securing it completely. 

Another option is to place a simple pet security barrier in front of the dog door. This barrier creates a “blockage” that dogs and cats can easily maneuver around, but humans cannot. Some people camouflage their pet door by placing a doghouse, garden bench, planter, or other garden ware over it so it cannot be spotted. 

There are numerous fail-safes and designs to bolster the security of dog doors for every size available. Big dog owners do not need to worry about the freedom and convenience of a big dog door when security is front and center in its design.

Hale Offers the Total Package

The best dog door for a big dog is one that can accommodate oversized dimensions without compromising on sealing and security. Whether you want a door, wall, screen, or other model, Hale Pet Door has high-quality products to suit all breeds. Shop dog doors now.

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