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Date Posted: January 27, 2022

Is My Dog Too Big for a Dog Door? Believe It or Not, No.

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Is My Dog Too Big for a Dog Door?

No, your dog is not too big for a dog door if you choose a Hale pet door. Our company understands that dog doors are not a one-size-fits-all situation. Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So, products that are designed to serve them need to come in all shapes and sizes too.

Your big dog deserves the same amount of freedom and outdoor access as any other pet. Their size shouldn’t be a problem if you need a doggie access solution. That’s why we offer a uniquely wide range of pet access door sizes to fit every dog.

Getting the right-sized dog door is very important. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Avoid Potential Health Issues

An inadequately sized dog door can lead to a list of health issues. Stooping lower to squeeze into a door that’s too short, or placed too low, is an issue. It has the potential to lead to significant shoulder and hip problems as your big dog ages. They can also receive sore spots or bald spots in the coat on their backs from rubbing up against the sides of a door that’s too small.

Avoid Training Problems

When it comes to using their door, dog behavior is not much different from human behavior. Would you forcibly squeeze yourself through a door you know you can’t fit through? Of course not! That would be ridiculous. Well, your dog thinks the same thing.

If your big dog begins to notice that they can’t comfortably fit through their dog door, they can start to refuse to use it. This can lead to issues or roadblocks in their potty training. This can also undo all the training they had when they learned to use the door. They simply won’t want to do it.

Avoid Overall Behavior Issues

Big dogs need fresh air, room to move, and the ability to go to the bathroom when they need to. Without the proper access to the space where they can do all of these things, they can begin to act out in other ways. This could look like accidents inside, increased aggression from pent-up energy, or lack of attention or discipline.

Your dog needs their freedom, and it’s important to give them a comfortable, easy way for them to be outside. The size of the access door you choose for them is crucial.

Hale’s Big Dog Door Solution

We offer our high-quality pet door products in a wide variety of sizes. Hale has a dog door to fit every pooch from the littlest Dachshund to the fluffiest St. Bernard. Yes, even the giant ones can have the access they need.

Keep this in mind. Our rule of thumb is: find the door that fits your big dog’s measurements almost exactly, then size up one size. This gives some wiggle room for extra weight or a fluffier coat your dog may have during colder months. It also accounts for a little growth.

Find the best solution for you, your home, and your pooch with Hale. Your big dog gives you a lifetime of nothing but love, so return the favor. Give them their own access to the freedom they can comfortably use for years to come. Shop dog doors now.

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