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Date Posted: August 24, 2018

Make Your Pet Door Like New Again – Clean Your Flaps!

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dirty pet door flap
Pet Door Flaps get dirty and give you pet a dull view of the outdoors

Dogs and cats go in and out—pushing the pet door flaps with their wet noses. The dogs get wet from rain or a cooling soak in the pool then lie in the dirt or grass, and their next stop is through the dog door and into the house. Cats like to “mark” the edges of the flap with their saliva.

A few minutes of cleaning makes your pet door flaps like new again

Clean Pet Door Flap
A few minutes of cleaning makes your pet door flaps like new again

It’s no wonder the once sparkling clear flaps get grungy. The good news is that it’s easy to clean the flaps to like new appearance in just a few minutes.

Although the clear vinyl looks clear as glass—DO NOT use glass cleaner containing ammonia on your pet door flaps. The ammonia makes the vinyl cloudy. Instead use a non-ammonia based household cleaner like Simple Green or dish detergent in warm water. You’ll get the dust, dirt and grease off in a jiffy.

Just wash the dirt and grime off and wipe clean with a clean cloth or paper towel. If your pets are picky about the cleaner’s fragrance, rinse with clear water and dry for a spotless clean. Voila! Your pet door flaps are clean and clear as new. Your pets will appreciate being able to see out the pet door again.

If you want to add a layer of protection to your dog door flaps, use a high quality paste car wax to your clean flaps. The wax will protect your vinyl pet door flaps from the sun and make the dirt easier to remove.

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