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Hale Pet Door Wins The Glass Guru Vendor of the Year 02-02-18 Hale Pet Door was honored today with a special award from one of our dealers.
Hale Donates to Two Military Pet Rescues for Veteran's Day 11-14-17 Our special campaign to raise money for military pet rescues for Veteran's Day was a success.
Hale Pet Door Announces New Size - Tall Small Medium 03-04-16 For decades Hale Pet Door has manufactured 11 standard sizes of pet doors. Come learn about the newest size addition to our lineup - Tall Small Medium.
Hale Tops 2,000 Rescue Rewards Partners 10-08-15 Hale Pet Door celebrates having 2,000 pet rescues and humane societies participating in our Rescue Rewards program.
Spring has Sprung – New Growth at Hale Pet Door 04-08-15 We're growing and moving. Find out our exciting news.
Rescue Rewards Featured Group - August 11, 2014 08-11-14 Learn about a special organization dedicated to helping improve the health and welfare of animals around the globe.
Hale Pet Door donates to help victims of Black Forest Fire 06-19-13 Find out how Hale Pet Door teamed up with one of our Rescue Rewards partners to help.
Rescue Rewards Featured Group - June 10, 2013 06-10-13 A very special group helps pets and disabled veterans. Read more about their efforts.
Rescue Rewards Featured Group - January 16, 2013 01-16-13 Typically older dogs have a lower chance of being adopted because of their age. Learn about what one special group is doing to help them out.
'Tis the Season of Giving at Hale Pet Door 12-20-12 Learn about what Hale Pet Door decided to do to help those in need during this holiday season.
Rescue Rewards Featured Group - November 29, 2012 11-29-12 Learn a little more about our featured rescue rewards partner, Oregon Dog Rescue.
Former employee opens Valley of the Sun Pet Doors 11-20-12 Looking for experience and quality in your pet door installation? Valley of the Sun Pet Doors can help.
Hale Pet Door Reaches Rescue Milestone 08-23-12 Celebrate with us as we reach 1000 participating rescues.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - July 31, 2012 07-31-12 Read about a unique, award winning pet rescue who works to prevent cruelty to dogs.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - July 23, 2012 07-23-12 Senior dogs need loving homes too. Learn about how this rescue helps.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - July 16, 2012 07-16-12 This special pet rescue organization specifically helps senior cats and dogs.
Hale Pet Door Helps Victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs 06-28-12 Find out how Hale Pet Door is helping both the people and animal victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs and what you can do to help!
Mile High Dog Doors has a New Owner 06-26-12 Mile High Dog Doors is again available for all your pet door needs.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - June 18, 2012 06-18-12 Read all about a special rescue just for kitties.
High Country Pet Doors Joins Hale Pet Door's Installers 06-18-12 Welcome to a new installer in the Denver, Aspen, Vail area.
Rocky Mountain Pet Doors has a New Owner 06-11-12 One of our Denver area dealers has changed hands. Read about our newest addition to the Hale family.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - June 4, 2012 06-04-12 After taking a month off, our rescue rewards group of the week feature is back. Learn about how big hearts help big dogs.
Hale Celebrates Military Appreciation Month with 20% Discount 05-18-12 All active and retired military and their families are eligible for a special discount.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - April 9, 2012 04-09-12 Learn about how an all volunteer group funded entirely by private donations is making a difference for dogs in Southern California
Rescue Group of the Week - March 12, 2012 03-12-12 Learn about a special pet rescue for cats in the heart of North Carolina and the touching story behind its origins.
Congratulations to Purrfect Pet Doors on their 10th Anniversary! 03-08-12 Join Eddie as he celebrates 10 years of installing dog doors in Las Vegas.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - March 5, 2012 03-05-12 Learn about the most overbred dog species in New Mexico and what one rescue group is doing to help.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - February 27, 2012 02-27-12 Read about a special group that helps pets of homeless people.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - January 30, 2012 01-30-12 Find out how a breast cancer diagnosis turned into a pet rescue that has benefited over 750 dogs.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - January 23, 2012 01-23-12 This Chicagoland rescue is helping feral and stray cats have a chance at a better life.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - January 9, 2012 01-09-12 Learn about who is building the first "green" no kill shelter in Arizona.
We Broke the Record Again! 01-09-12 Donations given to our Rescue Rewards Partners tops $30,000 for 2011.
John Davison takes the reins at Rocky Mountain Pet Doors 01-02-12 Rocky Mountain Pet Doors under new ownership
800th Rescue Rewards Partner Signed Up 12-10-11 Welcome to Doggy Dog World Rescue as our 800th partner!
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - December 5, 2011 12-05-11 Meet two dogs waiting for their forever homes.
Matt Wilson takes over Mile High Dog Doors 12-02-11 Mile High Dog Doors is under new ownership.
Lone Star Dog Doors Joins The Hale Pet Door Team 11-29-11 Hale Pet Door Welcomes Lone Star Dog Doors as our newest dealer in Dallas.
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week -November 21, 2011 11-21-11 Meet Gemini Rottweiler and Pitbull Rescue in Minnesota
Rescue Rewards Group of the Week 11-14-11 Hale Pet Door is proud of our Rescue Rewards program and we want to thank our partners. We are starting a new weekly feature to honor some of them.
Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season 11-11-11 Find out what types of plants can be dangerous to your pet during this time of year and year round.
4 Practical Ways to Help Homeless Dogs 10-14-11 Find out other ways you can help animals in need.
5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog in October 10-07-11 Hale Pet Door proudly supports Pet Rescue. Read how you can help during this special month.
Lexan Security Covers are No Longer Available 09-19-11 Starboard is a better solution.
Hale Mourns A Friend 09-06-11 We sadly announce the death of our coworker, Tom Baker.
700th Pet Rescue Organization Joins Our Program 08-04-11 100 more rescue partners in just four months.
Victory: Texas Gets Its First Puppy Mill Law! 06-28-11 New puppy mill law signed in Texas
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month 06-01-11 Thousands of kittens and cats are living in shelters right now. Adopt one this month.
May is Be Kind to Animals Month 05-20-11 They brighten our lives. Let's be sure we brighten theirs.
Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Benefits All 50 States! 05-17-11 Read about our newest Rescue Rewards Partner and how the program continues to grow.
Hug Your Cat Day 05-12-11 Cat doesn't like to hug?! What can you do to help?
May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month 05-10-11 Cancer is mostly commonly thought of as a human disease but it affects millions of animals as well. Learn the warning signs and ways you can help.
Make an Emergency Disaster Plan for Yourself and Your Animals 05-09-11 This week is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. What can you do to make sure both you and your animals are ready for a disaster?
Disaster Alert: Animals suffering in storm-ravaged South 05-03-11 Next week is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Recent weather events in Japan and America have affected animal victims as well. Find out more.
Japanese Risk Radiation to Rescue Stranded Dogs 04-14-11 Read about what selfless humans are doing to rescue helpless canines.
Hale Celebrates Rescue Rewards Milestone 03-21-11 More exciting news from the Rescue Rewards program.
Tsunami Devasation Affects Animals Too! 03-11-11 Find out how you can help the people and animals suffering in Japan.
Adopt the Internet Day from Petfinder 03-08-11 See what PetFinder is doing to help adoptable pets.
Even Pets Need Love! 02-14-11 Find out how Hale's mascot celebrates Valentine's Day.
February is Spay and Neuter Month 02-07-11 Show your furry friends you love them during this month of love.
Year End Totals for Pet Rescue Donations 01-06-11 A record amount and a record number of rescues. Read on for details.
Record Month for Pet Rescue Donations 12-07-10 The Rescue Rewards program is booming! Read more about how you can participate.
Hale Announces Winner of Rescue Rewards Contest! 11-24-10 Find out who won and how we picked the winner.
Enter Your Rescue to Win $500! 11-15-10 Hale is having a drawing for all our pet rescues. Find out how to participate.
November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month 11-09-10 Senior Pet Adoptions - Find out five reasons why senior pets may be the best choice for your newest family member.
October Rescue Rewards Donations 11-05-10 Visit our Pet Rescue Page to see who benefited.
New Franchise Manager Takes Over In Denver Store 11-01-10 Welcome the newest member of our Hale Pet Door team!
October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month 10-11-10 Don't shop, adopt!
Hale Rescue Rewards Partner Sponsoring Cancer Drive For Dogs Attached PDF 10-07-10 The National Canine Cancer Foundation is having a Donation and Pet Supplies Drive. Find out how to participate.
PetSmart Charties National Adoption Weekend 09-03-10 Plan ahead now to participate in this nationwide adoption event.
National Dog Adoption Day 08-26-10 Bring home a new friend tonight!
July was Banner Month for Rescue Rewards Program 08-05-10 More donations than ever and a milestone in the number of rescues. Read all about it.
10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat 07-28-10 What to feed your dog when you can't resist those pleading eyes
400th Rescue Rewards Partner Added 07-19-10 Read about our 400th pet rescue participating group.
Congrats to Our Contest Winner 07-14-10 See who the winner was and the winning puppy names.
Hale Welcomes Two New Family Members - Name The Puppies Contest 06-29-10 Read about the lastest cute additions to our family and join in a fun contest. You could win an Amazon gift card.
American Humane Gives Emergency Grant to Arizona Animal Shelter Evacuated by Wildfire 06-21-10 Animal Shelters Evacuated by Forest Fires - How You Can Help
Hot Weather Tips for Your Pets 06-11-10 Read our newest article to get ready for summer.
Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat in June 06-07-10 Can you provide a forever home for a homeless cat this month?
46 Shelters and Pet Rescue Receive Hale Donations in May 05-29-10 Read more about how the Rescue Rewards program continues to blossom.
Donating Dog Fur to help with Oil Spill Containment 05-28-10 Find out how you and your favorite pooch can help clean up the Gulf oil spill
Hale Pet Door Wins Customer Service Award 05-24-10 Congratulations to our Glendale, Arizona franchise for their award.
Rescue Rewards Program is Booming 05-03-10 Rescue Rewards is one of our most popular and beneficial programs helping people, their pets, and humane societies and rescue organizations across the country. Read more to see how successful it is.
Check out our Latest and Greatest 04-26-10 Our quarterly newsletter has been posted.
Rescue Rewards Partner Saves Thousands of Lives 04-14-10 Read about the exciting work one of our Rescue Rewards Partners is doing to save animals
Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease 03-25-10 Warm weather is coming. Take steps now to prevent this possibly fatal disease.
Guide to Pet-Safe Gardening 03-15-10 Just in time for spring: Advice from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.
Hale Rescue Rewards Partner Fights Canine Cancer 02-22-10 Hale Pet Door recently accepted a new Rescue Rewards partner, whose mission is different from that of our other rescue friends. We encourage you to learn more about the National Canine Cancer Foundation.
It's Here! Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 02-12-10 Broadcast Feb. 15 and 16 on the USA Network: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Hale Welcomes New Denver Franchise Manager 01-10-10 Zachary Tripp joins the Hale team.
As dog racing drops, greyhound adoption need rises 01-07-10 With greyhound racetracks closing, the sleek long-limbed dogs are now flooding the adoption market.
Rescue Volunteer Wins Free Pet Door 01-07-10 Read about the volunteer who went to a home show and ended up improving her life and the life of her pets.
First confirmed case of H1N1 in a dog 01-05-10 The first U.S. case of the H1N1 influenza in a dog confirmed late in 2009 in New York state.
No Longer Homeless 01-04-10 Rescued Chihuahuas from California Find Homes in Colorado
Hale Loses a Friend 12-29-09 We mourn the passing of our friend Glenn Marshment.
Holiday Schedule Change 12-22-09 HSPD Manufacturing announces schedule change for holiday closing.
Latest Newsletter Posted 12-21-09 Check out what's happening at Hale.
Holiday Schedule for Hale Pet Door 12-20-09 Holiday Hours announced. Happy Holidays!
HalePetDoor.com Sports A New Look 12-09-09 Hale Pet Door gets a new website with easy online ordering and updated content.
Storm Terrorizes Shelter Dogs 12-07-09 American Humane awarded a Red Star Emergency Grant to an Arizona shelter after high winds ripped off the roof of a dog kennel, exposing the animals to a brutal storm