Hale Welcomes Two New Family Members - Name The Puppies Contest

Peekaboo and her two new puppies

Here at Hale (as with many others), our pets are part of our family.  One of the employees at our corporate offices in Canon City, Colorado, raises golden retrievers. 

Jill currently has two dogs, Spirit, who works as a therapy dog (and occasionally comes to work as our mascot), and Peekaboo, Spirit's daughter.

Last year, Spirit had a false pregnancy and it seemed like this year that Peekaboo was following in her mother's footsteps.  She acted pregnant and looked pregnant but the vet said: "Nope. No puppies".

Surprise!  Last Saturday, Peekaboo wasn't acting right and then the cat starting howling.  Jill went to investigate and found the first of two male puppies being born.

The puppies are healthy and happy but now they need names.  Visit our facebook page and submit your suggestions for the two puppy names.  The parents are Skyler and Peekaboo and all the dogs are pedigreed golden retrievers.

The winner(s) of the contest will receive a gift card from Amazon.com.  ($10.00 per puppy - submit two names and you may win $20.00)