Hale Announces Winner of Rescue Rewards Contest!

logo for humane society of calvert county in MarylandCongratulations to the Humane Society of Calvert County in Prince Frederick, Maryland.  They are the winner of a $500 gift certificate good towards to purchase of a Hale Pet Door.  We held the drawing to celebrate signing up our 500th Rescue Rewards Partner.

According to Kelly St. Marie, acting president of the Humane Society, they are having a big fundraiser in March and the certificate will be used on that occasion.  They are a small, no-kill shelter and are very appreciative of the donation.  They have been a Hale Rescue Rewards partner since February 2010 and have benefitted from Hale in the past as part of our Rescue Rewards program.

So how did we pick a winner out of our more than 500 participating pet rescues and humane societies?  To make it a fair and even chance for everyone, we let Spirit, our Golden Retriever "co-worker/mascot" pick for us.  Using our database of rescues that are each numbered, we wrote groups of numbers on slips of paper and put dog bones on top.  Whichever one Spirit happened to pick was the winner for that group.  We narrowed it down from groups of 100 to 25 to 5 and finally to 1.  Spirit chose the paper with number 276 on it and that correlated to the Calvert County Humane Society.  Spirit was happy to help since she got 4 dog bones out of the deal.  See the pictures below to get a peek at the fun we had.

Thanks to everyone for participating.  And if you or your shelter aren't signed up yet as a participating rescue, do so today.  You can still get donations for any doors your adoptive parents buy from Hale Pet Door.  And who knows when we may have to do another drawing for our 1000th pet rescue!

Spirit picking from one of the first groups of pet rescuesSpirit picking the final slip of paperSpirit picked rescue number 276 as the winner





Spirit first narrowed down the groups then picked the final slip of paper with the winning number, #276.