Even Pets Need Love!


Valentine's New
And Valentine's Olden
This is for you,
My favorite Golden

Chew with a smile,
Chomp with a wag
Walk around with it
Feel free to brag

Diamonds and rubies
Emeralds and pearls
Nope - rawhides for
My favorite girl

Hugs and love
Kiss and smooches
Happy Valentine's, Spirit,
Bestest of pooches!


Today  for Valentine's Day, Jen Munch, our Rescue Rewards Coordinator here at Hale Pet Door, presented Spirit, our office's Golden Retriever mascot with a special Valentine.

Jen wrote a special poem and gave it to Spirit along with her favorite rawhide bone.  Spirit was delighted (although more with the bone than the poem) and had to go around the office showing it off to everyone.

So don't forget the canine or feline in your life.  Shower them with a little extra love today.