Hug Your Cat Day

Some cats are aloof and accept affection only on their own terms. If your kitty is one of these, you can get them to be friendlier if you approach training him from his point of view.
What motivates your cat to come to you? Food? If so, whenever you call your kitty and she comes running to you, reward her with her favorite treat as you sweetly say her name. If she doesn’t come when you call, you’ll want to start with rewarding her when she just looks at you when you say her name. Getting her attention is the first step in getting her to come when you call.
Cats learn with positive reinforcement, so think of ways to reward good behavior—catch him doing something right and offer a reward that you know he’ll like. As you notice your cat’s behavior, such as getting ready to jump into your lap, say his name and pat your leg to make his action your idea. He’ll associate your saying his name with sitting on your lap—a good place to be.
So hug your cat today--let her know how much you love her in your life.