June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Cats love to be helpful. June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.There are thousands of kittens and cats in shelters around the country. They run the gamut from 8-week-old kittens to mature cats who need homes.
Unfortunately, many of the kittens available in pet stores come from the cat counterpart of the infamous ‘puppy mills’. These animals are kept in small cages, in less than sanitary conditions where they are continually bred to produce litters until they sicken and die or are rescued. Shelters around the country have beautiful, healthy kittens and cats that can be your perfect pet.
It’s important to be prepared for the new member of your family. So before you bring your cat home, be sure to get all the essentials: litter and litter box, food dish and water fountain or bowl and food. Once your cat has been part of the family for at least a couple of weeks, you’ll see how shy or adventurous your kitty is. You can then decide whether you want your cat to have access to the outdoors, a screen porch, the basement or perhaps an attached garage. You’ll want your kitty to be able to come and go without continually opening and closing the door, so a pet door will make both your lives better.
Because you saved a life, you’ll get a 10% discount on your new Hale Pet Door, and the Shelter or Rescue will get that amount in a donation from us. You’ll automatically receive your discount during checkout, when you indicate where your pet is rescued from on the order form.

Find the perfect cat door for the life you saved here

Tica, adopted from the Fremont County Humane Society in Canon City, Colorado