Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - December 19, 2011

Hale Pet Door welcomed a very special Rescue Rewards partner in early December, the Blessings Unleashed Foundation. 

Blessings Unleashed is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides uniquely trained service dogs and companion dogs for children with autism.

Autism Assistance Dogs can:

-- enrich the quality of life and enhance the independence of families and the child with autism.

-- accompany the child at all times.

-- calm the child, reduce emotional outbursts and serve as a positive social link for the child to their home, school and community.

-- have the potential to improve a child's communication skills and behavior.

-- improve the family and child's overall quality of life.

Autism has become one of the most common disabilities facing children today. As stated on the organization’s website (, “Autism knows no bounds– it affects the rich and poor alike and is quickly reaching epidemic proportions. Our commitment is to enrich the lives of children with autism by training and placing service animals that provide them with companionship and promote independence.”

Blessings Unleashed was founded by Dana Emmitt-Hall of Bon Ayr, Kentucky. 

Certification for Dogs for Austic Children“On February 27, 2006, my world, as I had previously known it, changed,” writes Dana on her website.  “My beautiful, sweet little 18 month old baby boy was given the diagnosis of autism.  I have spent every day since then reading and researching on interventions to help him live a full and abundant life.  It is through that research I stumbled upon what I feel was something that everything in my past had led me to fulfill:  Autism Service Dogs.

“As a former elementary education teacher, I have taken my love for children and dogs and the strong desire that I have to make a difference in the lives of individuals with autism and put that energy and effort into what has transpired into Blessings Unleashed Foundation.”

Dana says that she continues to work daily to build her organization into full accreditation within Assistance Dogs International, Inc. the world wide service dog accreditation program by focusing on quality service dogs and training standards.  Blessings Unleashed follows all guidelines set forth by ADI to ensure that every service dog that completes the program is trained to the highest standards set forth by ADI.