Mile High Dog Doors has a New Owner

Dustin Linton of Mile High Dog Door is ready, willing and able to install your pet door

After a brief hiatus, Mile High Dog Doors is back in the swing with Dustin Linton. In the Hale Pet Door family of businesses, Mile High Dog Doors has been installing high quality pet doors in the Denver area since 2010.

Backed by Hale Pet Door’s 27 years of pet door experience, Mile High Dog Doors provides professional pet door installation. Whether you want your doggie door in your door, wall or even right in glass, Dustin will install the best pet door in the best place in your home.

Mile High Dog Doors main service area is the area of Denver south of E470 in Parker, Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Littleton, but Dustin is willing to go wherever someone needs a high quality dog door installed.

Call 720-670-0913 or visit today.