Chili - Pine Vista, CO

Hi.  My name is Chili and I am a yellow labrador retriever.  My mom adopted me from the Colorado Correctional Industries Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program (a Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards partner.)  I was really scared to ride in the car and had a few bad days at first because my former owner had mistreated me.  But I was glad to meet my new sisters, Millie, a black lab, and Tillie, a cat.  Mom says her nickname is "Silly" just so we all match.  So now I get to live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and I love playing all day and going for hikes with my mom and my sisters (yes, the cat goes hiking with us too.)  And as you can tell I love playing in the river.  It helps me cool off on those hot summer days.  It's great fun even if mom does make Millie and me go to the groomer afterwards to get all pretty and get matching bandanas.  What's a girl to do?!  Oops,  here comes Millie now.  Gotta run!