Sylas - Eagle River, AK

Hi my name is Sylas.  I am a Labrador/Visla mix.  In 2008, I was lucky when Sara picked me at the Fremont County Humane Society in Canon City, CO.  My good fortune just grew when we added Jerry to our 'family' and he picked Moira at the same shelter.

I wasn't too sure about the long drive to Alaska, but Moira and I have had great fun discovering the wildlife up here in the great frontier — the moose are interesting and drop great smells to roll in, but the wolves are scary. We both love our Hale Pet Door Screen Pet Door that keeps the mosquitos out and lets the fresh air in.

The most amazing thing that has happened, though, has been the latest addition to our family. Archer was born in March, and now he's starting to get around. I'm keeping my eye on him.  It should be interesting when he gets faster - I just hope he doesn't chew on my rawhides...