Matt the cat
Matt - Denver, Colorado

My name is Matt. I'll be 17 years old in July. Would you believe I'm in great health except for a little constipation, but who doesn't have that at this age? I do drop a few poodle bombs (as my parents call it) from time to time. I'm still a beautiful boy if I do say so myself, in spite of a few teeth missing. I needed a little dental work since my breath could clear a room. I am in total control of my household. If I feel like being petted in the middle of the night all I need to do is jump in the middle of the bed and howl. And believe me, the petting gets started right away! The only problem is, if you pet me other than in my designated spots, I will bite you! I have a great expression on my face, and one knows where they stand with me at all times. Time for me to curl up on the couch for a cat-nap.

Chow, "Matt the Cat."