Misha and Coda, Dobermans in Greenwood Village, Colorado
Misha and Coda - Greenwood Village, Colorado
During their second snowy Colorado winter in a row, the Dobies (Misha, on the left, a red female with floppy ears, and Coda, on the right, a black male with cropped ears) said "Dad, we need a better doggie door! It's cold, and we're Dobermans, we hate the cold!" So, Dad is thinking..."Since Doberman Rescue of Colorado endorses and recommends Hale Pet Doors, that's what they will get! Dad will enjoy the energy efficiency and the Dobies will enjoy a warmer dog room...it's a win-win!" 'Thank you' to Hale for supporting our Rescue group! -- Michael Aggson (Dad to Coda and Misha)