Lisle, a St. Bernard from Denver, Colorado
Lisle - Denver, Colorado
Lisle, born in June of 2006, was named after the character in "The Sound of Music". The St. Bernard is a Swiss breed, so that name seemed appropriate. House training her was easy once our Hale Pet Door was installed because she is free to go out on her own. Lisle truly lives up to her characteristic 'gentle giant' fame. She doesn't seem to realize she is a big girl because she is quite timid around the smaller dogs at the park. She is beginning to discover her bark, though, and thinks that she needs to post sentry at the front gate. She is also called "Velcro Mouth', and as the snow melts, many lost items are surfacing in the back yard, like paperback books (only the classics), newspapers, frozen bones, and dog toys. This winter, she has been spotted lying in the snow in the moonlight, contentedly chewing on a bone. She is like a big, cuddly, sweet bear. She loves the freedom of the pet door and it has saved on heating during Denver's winter of 2006/2007 because I don't have to open and close the front door for her. I also don't have to jump up and down to let her out! This is the best invention since the wheel and it is very weatherproof.