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Date Posted: June 22, 2022

What is the Best Dog Door for My Door?

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This doggie is wondering "what is the best dog door for my door"?

The best dog door is one that is a gift to both you and your pet. They gain consistent access to the outside. You no longer have to constantly get up to let them out or face accidents indoors. They get a place to play and sunbathe during the day. You gain peace of mind on nights out or when working overtime. You know that your pet can utilize the backyard without you. 

Giving your pet access to the outdoors enables a healthier relationship. Now, your pet does not require total dependency on you. You both get more freedom. The following considerations will help you pick out the best pet door for your door.

Door Types and Dog Door Sizes

There are a wide variety of doors and they are made of different materials. Luckily there are pet access models to match. Hale’s standard dog door for doors can accommodate doors made of metal, wood, fiberglass, and almost any material that is available today. This model works with both solid panels and hollow cores. 

There are also models for screen doors and sliding doors. These allow for the best of both worlds; you get fresh air without insects, and your pet can still exit and enter with ease. 

Sizing should not exclude you from any particular model you need. Hale Pet Door offers a standard range of options from small to giant. The smaller ones are for the likes of Chihuahuas and even small cats. The giant ones are made for Mastiffs and Great Danes. Any sized pet can be accommodated.

Custom Doggie Doors

This pooch has an in-glass dog door in his door.

Custom orders are created to fit your space’s specific dimensions and can always be made for the perfect fit. Even if your door is unique in shape or material, the best pet door brands can make a custom order. It can fit your exact measurements, door type, and desires for access. 

For example, if you have glass doors, you could order a custom pet door that fits inside the pane of glass. From patio porches to paneled glass, there are options that can be made to suit your needs. Professional installation may be required, depending on your door.

Doggie Door Security and Energy Efficiency

The main purpose of a “people door” is to provide an exit when you need it and security when you don’t. You can conveniently leave your home and firmly lock up behind yourself. The door also creates a seal, keeping insects out and your air conditioning or heat in. The best pet door for your door will give access that is flexible enough for your pet to push through, yet be sealed tightly enough to preserve security and energy efficiency. 

When the doggie door is not in use, security is maintained with a Hale Pet Door through a ¼” thick polymer security cover with a sturdy pin lock. These covers are shock resistant and withstood rigorous testing. You can even add an additional secondary exterior cover to close off access from both sides. Whenever you decide to bolt up your panel, you can rest assured that it is truly locked. 

Energy efficiency is always a concern. We maintain this through nylon weather stripping around the flaps that are paired with magnets. This construction ensures a seal through the thickness of the vinyl flaps themselves. For an extra layer of insulation, double flaps are standard in our construction. These features ensure proper sealing and improved insulation.

Consider All Dog Door Options

So what’s the best pet door for your door? It’s the high-quality Hale option that matches the unique design of your home and meets the needs of your pet. We’ve been working hard to resolve pet-access issues in homes for over 35 years and we’re not stopping any time soon. Shop pet doors now.

If you can’t seem to find a door model that seems right for your door, consider a wall model, window model, screen model, or panel model for sliding glass doors. These are great options too. 

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